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Shipping available within Canada  (weather permitting)

C & C Farms is a Canadian Government Registered Air Cargo Security (ASC) Designated Shipper

Delivery to Toronto are can be arranged

Available Breeding Parrots for Sale


Due to the size of our flock and after 35 years of dedicating our lives to our breeding program we are downsizing some of our breeding birds and will be focusing on specific species.

Bonded pair Blue & Gold Macaws $3,500

Bonded pair Greenwing Macaws $4,000

Proven Male Lilac Crown Amazon 18 year old $1,500

Proven Male Citron Crested Cockatoo 25 year old $2,000

Male Red Lored Amazon 18 years old $1,800 (would also make a great pet)

Female Buffon's Macaw 6 years old $6,000

2 pairs proven Umbrella Cockatoos in their 20's $5,000 per pair

Proven Pair Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoos in their 20's $3,500

Bonded pair Major Mitchel Cockatoos 8 & 15 years old $10,000

Proven pair of Black Headed Caiques 15 & 18 years old $2,000

Bonded pair Yellow Crown Amazons 14 & 18 years old $2,500


Please feel free to contact us to discuss 519-726-6698.

We are located in Windsor, Ontario and would be willing to have birds shipped.

 C & C Farms is a Canadian Parrot Breeder


We ship within Canada only.

We do not export birds.

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