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Blue Throated Macaws
Ara glaucogularis)


The Blue Throated Macaw has a very small population and is on the verge of extinction in the wild. According to the World Parrot Trust, the Blue Throated Macaw is critically endangered with only 100 - 130 individuals left in the wild.

The Blue Throated Macaw is a very docile and affectionate pet bird, but it is also quite intelligent and inquisitive. They love chewing and performing acrobatic antics. Those activities, along with exploring their surroundings with their tongue and beak, are some of their favorite pastimes.

Blue Throated Macaws are undemanding and friendly. If properly handfed and socialized, they are not inclined to bite nor are they not excessively loud, as many of the other macaws can be. The Blue Throated Macaw is quite content to entertain itself especially if given plenty of chewing materials. These qualities make them a wonderful pet.

The Blue Throated Macaw's striking plumage is turquoise blue on the upper parts and bright yellow below, with blue cheeks and throat patch.

Approximate Length: 85 cm (33 in)  Approximate Weight: 900 g (32 oz.) to 1,100 g (39 oz.)

Blue Throated Macaw Baby

Blue Throated Macaw 

Blue Throated Macaw Breeding  Pairs

We currently have 2 breeding pairs of Blue Throated Macaws

Blue Throated Macaws

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