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Buffon's Macaws
(Ara a. ambigua)


World Parrot Trust 
Buffon's Macaws, also known as Great Green Macaws, are one of the rarest macaws both in the wild and in captivity. Their gentle temperament, very similar to the Hyacinth Macaw, ensures they make excellent pets when raised and socialized correctly. The Buffon's florescent green colouring, turquoise blue feathering, and red forehead make a striking impression. Buffon's have a whitish bare cheek area containing black feather-lines, which becomes a pinkish colour when they get excited (this is called blushing).

Buffon's Macaws are very docile, intelligent, and can learn very quickly.

C & C Farms currently has the only producing breeding pair
of Buffon's Macaws in Canada that we know of.

Approximate Length: 85cms/34 inches    
Approximate Weight: 1200-1600 grams

Progress of a Buffon's Macaw Baby

Click the video below to watch Buffon's Macaw babies being handfed

Buffon's Macaw Breeding Pair



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