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Red-Sided Eclectus
(Eclectus r. polychlorus)


The Red-Sided Eclectus parrot originates from the large island of Papua New Guinea, the western Papuan islands (including Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool), Kai and offshore islands (Goodenough and Normandy).

This parrot is unusual in the parrot family for its marked sexual dimorphism in the colours of the plumage.

The contrast between the brilliant emerald green plumage of the male and the deep red/purple plumage of the female is so marked that the two birds were, until the early 20th century, considered to be different species.

The Red-Sided Eclectus parrot, which we breed, is larger than other subspecies of Eclectus and is approximately 14.5 inches (37 cm) in length and usually weigh 470 - 525 g.

The Red-Sided Eclectus often enjoys asserting its personality while interacting with its owner. Expect a curious and intelligent pet bird that needs stimulating toys and lots of socialization. Because the Red-Sided Eclectus parrots are known to form a strong bond with their owners, they are often considered sweet and affectionate pet birds.

Progress of a Red-Sided Eclectus Baby
Red Sided Eclectus  Red Sided Eclectus  Red Sided Eclectus 


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