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Greenwing Macaws
(Ara chloropter)


Greenwing Macaws are one of the larger Macaws and are heavier when compared to the Blue & Gold Macaw or Scarlet Macaw. They are intelligent, gentle, outgoing, and great talkers.

Greenwing Macaws are just about the opposite of the Scarlet Macaw. The Green-winged Macaws are very sweet tempered birds that are affectionate, inquisitive, and intelligent. They make them a great companion not only for a single person, but when well socialized, they are friendly with everyone. This is quite the opposite of the brilliant red Scarlet Macaw, which can be quite a temperamental bird and needs a firm hand.

Greenwing Macaws have beautiful dark red feathers and red face feathers that frame their intelligent eyes. The breast of the Green-winged macaw is bright red, but the lower feathers of the wing are green. They are known for their good natured personalities and talking abilities and are often ranked as making one of the best pet macaws alongside the Buffon’s and Hyacinth Macaws. They generally fit very well into a family environment and enjoy the attention of the whole group.

Description: general plumage red; bare lore and cheeks whitish and crossed with red feather-lines; male occasionally with greenish edging to feathers on back of head; median wing-coverts, inner secondary's and shoulder feathers green; greater wing-coverts and outer secondary's blue; outer webs of primaries dark blue; lower back, rump, upper and under tail-coverts blue; primary coverts blue; tail upperside dark-red with blue tips; tail and wing undersides dark-red; powerful bill horn-coloured with blackish sides; lower mandible blackish; iris pale-yellowish; feet dark grey.

Immatures with shorter tail; lower mandible paler; iris brown.

Length: 90 cm (35.5 ins)

Distribution: eastern Panama and northwest Colombia; east of Andes from eastern Colombia and Venezuela south across Ecuador, Peru, Guyana, Surinam and French Guiana to Brazilian provinces of Parana and Mato Grosso, northern and eastern Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentinian province of Formosa.

Progress of a Greenwing Macaw Baby

Greenwing Macaw Breeding  Pairs

Jack & Jill - Our first generation

Greenwing Macaws 

Coco & Zak - Our second generation - Coco - progeny of Jack & Jill

         Greenwing Macaws                Greenwing Macaws

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