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Hyacinth Macaws
Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus)


Hyacinth Macaws are the Cadillac of the Macaw species. These gentle giants are any Macaw lovers dream bird. Hyacinth Macaws are the largest and most gentle of the Macaw species. They make excellent pets when raised by a knowledgeable breeder and socialized correctly during the weaning process.

Hyacinth Macaws have a solid indigo blue body of feathers, black beak, and bright yellow markings along the sides of the lower part of the beak and circling its solid dark eyes. The colouring and size of the Hyacinth Macaw make it a stunning bird!!

Hyacinth Macaws are absolutely the highest priced Macaw and will cost $20,000 for a hand-raised baby. The first reason for this is that Hyacinth Macaws are an endangered species and very rare in the wild and in captivity. Along with their rarity, Hyacinth Macaws are very difficult to breed. They may only produce 1 - 2 eggs a year, weaning time is a minimum of 6 months, and they are considerably more sensitive than other Macaw species.

Approximate Length: 42 inches     Approximate Weight: 1 - 2 pounds

Progress of a Hyacinth Macaw Baby
Hyacinth Macaw Baby  Hyacinth Macaw Babies  Hyacinth Macaw Baby  Hyacinth Macaw Babies 

Hyacinth Macaw Breeding  Pairs

We currently have 4 breeding pairs of Hyacinth Macaws

Hyacinth Macaw Breeding Pair      Hyacinth Macaw Breeding Pair                                               

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