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Adult Parrots for Sale
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Blue & Gold Macaws
C & C Farms Mission Statement

C & C Farms Aviary is dedicated to the preservation and propogation of endangered parrot species in Canada.

Our Mission: Produce remarkable baby parrots with exceptional pet quality and focus on health and temperament.

C & C Farms provides lovingly raised pet parrots for discerning parrot owners. We understand that your pet means the world to you and your family and it's important that your companion parrot receives the very best care while it is being raised and handfed.

Why We're Different
Baby Parrots for Sale
Adult Parrots for Sale
We now carry baby Marshall Ferrets

C & C Farms - For Your Pets

C & C Farms - For Your Pets offers pet food and supplies at great pricing. We provide shipping or local pick up.


For your furry friends, we are proud suppliers of Nutrisource Premium dog and cat food. If you prefer a raw diet for your pet, we stock K9 Choice (local pickup only). We also carry toys, treats, beds, collars, leashes, and much much more…

For your feathered friends we carry Higgins, In-Tune, Zupreem, and Lafeber in addition to a large variety of treats, toys, perches, cages, etc…

We also have Ferrets available and all food and supplies for these wonderful small animals.

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Feel free to call us anytime to schedule a visit to the farm or place a phone order   519-726-6698

Hyacinth Macaw
Baby Parrots

All baby parrots come from parrot breeding pairs we own and are hatched and cared for in our aviary.

We do not buy and resell baby parrots, therefore, considerably reducing the risk of cross contamination.

For a quality pet baby parrot

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Buffon's Macaws
C & C Farms Aviary is dedicated to the propagation and preservation of endangered parrot species.

Our Aviary features some of the rarest parrots in the world with several breeding pairs being the only ones in Canada.



We appreciate that you must do your research before deciding what type of parrot best suits you and your family.

It is also important that you feel comfortable that you are buying a healthy, well socialized bird from a reputable breeder.

Therefore, we invite you to contact us with any questions you may have.

We encourage you to schedule a visit to the farm if you are within driving distance.

We are available 7 days a week to discuss your needs.

Phone:  519-726-6698


Major Mitchel Cockatoos
C & C Farms Aviary

C & C Farms Aviary is located on a 14 acre farm by Windsor, Ontario Canada.

We have over 30 years of experience in breeding, handling, and raising parrots.

Parrots are our passion!
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 C & C Farms is a Canadian Parrot Breeder


We ship within Canada only.

We do not export birds.



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