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Pricing*, Shipping, & Purchasing a Baby Parrot


Our mission is to  produce remarkable baby parrots with exceptional pet quality and focus on health and temperament.

We cannot stress enough the importance of purchasing a baby parrot that has been raised by an experienced aviculturist and weaned in a clean, disease free, and nurturing environment.

Macaws Cockatoos Amazons Other Species
Hyacinth Macaws $20,000
Buffon's Macaws $7,500
Blue & Gold Macaws $3,500
Blue Throated Macaws  
Major Mitchell Cockatoos $8,000
Panama Amazons $5,000

Congo African Grey $2,000
Purchasing a Baby Parrot***
We will be more than happy to reserve a baby for you with a 25% deposit. The deposit is non-refundable and is applied toward the total purchase price of the bird.
We accept email transfers or cash. Checks will be held for 10 days to ensure clearing.
Pickup must be within 7 days of notification that the baby is ready. Any additional time will be charged at our normal boarding fees of $20 a day.
Payment in full must be received upon pickup or prior to shipping.

C & C Farms is a Government Registered Air Cargo Security (ASC) Designated Shipper.

Shipping cost is $350. This flat fee includes all preparations, an airline approved shipping crate, all airline required documentation, and transportation to the airport.  

We will ship year round; however, we check for weather conditions at the origin and destination to ensure there are no delays. If delays are possible, shipping will be re-scheduled. Your bird's safety is our priority and we will not ship in severe weather conditions such as cold snaps, snowstorms, heat waves, or if ever deemed unsafe to ship by the airlines. 

We will provide you with all shipping information including departure and arrival times, waybill number, and flight number once all arrangements have been finalized.



The following list is representative of some of our policies to ensure C & C Farms Aviary is meeting its mission to provide you with the best possible pet parrot:

All baby parrots for sale come from parrot breeding pairs we own and are hatched and cared for in our aviary. We do not buy and resell baby parrots, therefore, considerably reducing the risk of disease and cross contamination.

All babies are raised in our living area. From the time they are hatched and in brooders to the time they are weaned and learning to get around a cage and stand, the babies are exposed to daily activities in our home. Having the babies in our living space allows us to constantly monitor them and socializes the babies to a home environment.

Babies are fed according to their needs and not according to any schedule. And yes, this means we feed during the night as well when required. This feeding policy ensures babies are not hungry and get proper nutrition to ensure proper growth and potentially eliminate any stress.

All our baby parrots are handfed, banded, and raised in our home nursery. Baby birds are fully weaned before they go to their new family. Each baby parrot comes with a Hatch Certificate. A DNA sexing certificate can also be provided for an additional cost of $30. We also provide a health guarantee.

We welcome you to visit us at C & C Farms Aviary. We strive to make your visit an educational experience, as we take the time and effort to enlighten you about parrot care, parrot ownership, and parrot species.



* Pricing is for hand raised, weaned baby parrots. Price does not include DNA gender sexing. This service can be supplied for an additional $30 charge. C & C Farms reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice or obligation in the information contained on this site including and without limitation to pricing.

** Shipping costs and requirements subject to change

*** C & C Farms reserves the right to not sell a bird to any person for any reason

 C & C Farms is a Canadian Parrot Breeder


We ship within Canada only.

We do not export birds.


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